The biggest trend in fitness is High Intensity High Interval Training and nothing is more popular than Cardio Kickboxing. People love the idea of coming into the gym, putting on gloves and beating up the heavy bags! This is a great stress reliever and the results from the average Cardio Kickboxing class are pretty good. Well, we aren’t about being pretty good. We strive for excellence and that is why we have taken Cardio-Kickboxing to the next level. We know that most people would love to have the body of a professional athlete. They’d love to look in the mirror and see themselves becoming leaner, and their clothes fitting better. But what stops most people from achieving their goals is that they do not know how to push themselves while they workout. In addition to that people simply plateau in their training and they don’t know how to change their formula. They struggle to find the balance between cardio training, resistance training and athletic performance style training.

STRIKE-FIT is the most dynamic physical training program in Nevada. This program combines the training regiments of the worlds top fighters with some of the most intense functional fitness movements and exercises known to man! The results are unmatched and that is because the coaches at Las Vegas Krav Maga are unmatched! They will push you beyond your limits for 60 minutes of intense training! You will train like a fighter without having to take the punishment that fighters take! We will train you like a fighter but we don’t hit you like a fighter. This class is great by itself or it is a great addition to your Krav Maga training. Either way get ready to train harder than you ever have in your life!

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