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KOMBAT JIU JITSU- BrazilIan Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is the most dominant ground fighting system in the world today! It is scientifically sound and proven to be an effective method for dealing with the complexities of ground fighting. However like all systems it has its drawbacks. One of the most glaring drawbacks is found in the most common training method of using a Gi (a traditional martial arts uniform with a belt). You see, in BJJ tournaments the Gi is a critical part of the battle and many of the chokes that are taught are based on the ability of the practitioner to apply the appropriate choke by using leverage created by a proper grab on the Gi. Whew, I’m tired from writing that.

MMA Jiu Jitsu is a totally different animal. Because MMA fighters do not wear Gi and not only that they are often shirtless! So the Gi grabs and control points are diminished greatly by the absence of the Gi. However the nature of grappling with someone who is not dressed in a traditional manner mimics a real life scenario more accurately. So Chief Instructor Donavin Britt began studying BJJ at Robert Drysdale’s BJJ Academy in Las Vegas, NV. He wanted to train with the best in the world and Drysdale fit the bill for a traditional BJJ instructor. But as he normally does Donavin jumped right in with the dozens of professional MMA fighters that Drysdale trains. Frank Mir, Dan Hardy, Forrest Griffin and Martin Kampann just to name a few.

Donavin was not interested in sport based Jiu Jitsu. What he wanted was a fundamentally sound tactical approach to surviving a ground attack. Clearly BJJ and MMA based Jiu Jitsu would have to be the foundation of the system so Donavin sought out Coach Ken Hahn. Coach Ken Hahn is one of the top MMA coaches in the world and he and Donavin began to go to the "Lab". The goal was to to create a ground system that could be taught efficiently to students of varying ability levels. A tactical ground system that is easy to learn and effective in any environment is an essential tool for any serious practioner of Urban Kombat systems.

A "No Gi" style of Jiu Jitsu that is both street and ring applicable? Could it be done? Yes it has been done . Kombat Jiu Jitsu is that system. The methodology and specific training sequences have been developed by Chief Instructor Donavin Britt and Coach Ken Hahn for the purposes of teaching students the most innovative mix of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Greco Roman Wrestling, MMA Jiu Jitsu and Grappling, that has ever been seen !

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