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Hello LVKM Tribe,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Casey Quaife, and I am a fitness coach here in Las Vegas and a yellow belt in Krav. Donavin and I have recently partnered to provide our clan with additional nutrition and fitness tips here in this blog, so look for these bimonthly. If you'd like to suggest a topic or have any further questions on these subjects, feel free to contact me using the information provided below. And follow me on social media, please!

Breakfast, we all love it!

Some of my favorite foods in the world are breakfast foods, pancakes, waffles, French toast. I eat bacon and eggs nearly every day for breakfast! Every day! No one skips breakfast, we all have it eventually, no matter what we eat. Breakfast literally means "To Break-Fast". You're fasting while you are sleeping!

Our first topic will be on intermittent fasting, and how utilizing it can benefit you in weight loss and also assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

IF is recommended to be between 14-16hrs, of course, this is debatable and can be played with depending on the individual. The fasting begins when you finish your last calories of the day. Example final calories 8pm, asleep at 10pm, waking at 6am, breaking fast at 12 noon(16hr fast).

The main thing you're doing to your body is hopefully lowering the daily caloric intake. When utilizing IF most people are cutting out 1 to 2 meals, sometimes a snack mixed in there as well, that can be cutting out 500-1500 calories depending on the person! That can make or break you maintaining your weight and dropping pounds! This does not mean you can fast for 16hrs then eat fast food meals, pizzas and sodas the rest of the day and expect the lbs to shred away. Meals still need to be sensible for weight loss, lean protein, quality fats, vegetables and sometimes lower carbs.

    Other benefits to fasting include:

    • Insulin levels drop and human growth hormone increases
    • Reduces Insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar levels
    • Reduces risk of heart disease
    • Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels
    • Allows digestive system a rest

    While fasting consumes no calories! Fluid items permitted are water, coffee, tea, and branch chain amino acids (bcaas) or (aminos) which can be beneficial in preventing muscluar breakdown while fasting. Avoid creamer in coffee, but to be completely transparent I do consume a sugar-free creamer with my coffee while fasting. 

    I prefer to break my fast with fats, and veggies, I do this nearly every day. 

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